How long do dried and preserved flowers really last?

It’s a question I get asked a lot – ” how long will dried and preserved flowers really last?” and being completely honest it’s a tricky one to answer as there is no set time frame and the longevity of dried flowers can vary due to a number of factors.

Dried flowers can last from anywhere between several months to several years, let’s look at some of the factors that can effect their lifespan. –


Moisture  –

How you store or display your flowers will have an effect on the lifespan of your blooms.  Dried flowers don’t need watering which makes them perfect for displaying inside your home after your wedding day as they are super low maintenance, but be mindful to place them in a room where there are no damp conditions.  Bathrooms and kitchens are not ideal environments so consider displaying your flowers in a living room or bedroom.


Keep out of sunlight –

Direct sunlight can be too much for dried flowers and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause your flowers to go brittle faster making them more likely to snap and prone to damage.  Sunlight will also have an effect on the colours of your blooms and will make the vibrancy of the colours fade faster.


Handle with care –

Once you’ve picked the perfect spot to display your flowers, avoid handling them as much as possible, as the oils in your skin can affect the longevity and the more the flowers are handled the more prone they will be to shedding and the chance of damage occurring.


Temperature –

Fluctuating temperatures can be especially damaging to flowers which have been preserved.  As preserved flowers are treated with chemicals to help them retain their colour and soft touch like fresh flowers, being exposed to dramatic drops in temperature can lead to the preservative leaking out of the flowers and inevitably causes the flowers to mould.


Flower type –

Preserved flowers can last longer than naturally dried flowers, this is due to the fact they are treated with preservatives that will help to keep them in their original state.  Certain flower and foliage types can last longer than others so it’s important to check with your floral designer if the flowers you have in mind are going to meet your expectations and what their expected lifespan is.


If properly cared for you can expect to enjoy your flowers for many years.  As a guide I would estimate that between 18-24 months you will notice little to no change.  By following the advice above you should be able to enjoy your flowers for well beyond this time scale.