Five reason’s why you should choose dried flowers for your wedding hair

Are you planning on wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day?


You may have been wondering what type of flowers are the best for wearing in your hair on your big day but have you considered choosing between dried/preserved flowers or fresh flowers?


Here are my top five reason’s why you should choose dried and preserved flowers to wear in your hair on your big day –


1) No wilting:

Dried flowers add a classic and timeless touch to your wedding hair, creating a romantic and enduring look that unlike fresh flowers won’t wilt or wither throughout the day. As flowers used in hair accessories have such short stems they aren’t able to hold water like they would in for example a bouquet, which means fresh flower heads will soon start to wilt as your day goes on where as dried and preserved flowers will remain looking perfect all day long.


2) Variety:

Dried flowers are available in a wide range of varieties, colours, shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose blooms that perfectly match your wedding theme and personal style.  This also allows you to choose flowers for your hair that may not necessarily be in season and available as fresh flowers depending on the time of year your getting married.


3) Allergen-Free:

If you suffer from hay fever this ones for you! Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers are allergen-free, ensuring you and your guests can enjoy the day without worrying about sneezing or being in discomfort.


4) Sustainability:

Dried flowers are the more eco-friendly and sustainable choice, as they can be preserved for a long time, reducing waste and the environmental impact of your wedding.  Your accessory can also be reused at another special occasion/ event or used as decoration in your home.


5) Lasting Memories:

After the wedding, you can keep your dried flower accessories as a cherished memento, reminding you of your special day for years to come.  Consider framing your accessory or hanging on a photo wall alongside your wedding photos.


If you liked this post and found these tips helpful, stay tuned for our next post on how to care for your dried flower accessories.